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人教新课标选修八 Unit 2 Cloning基础测试
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1. He ordered that the work should be started at once.
He _________ _________ _________ that the work should be started now.
2. The bad news made everyone in the classroom discourage.
The bad new _________ __________ everyone in the classroom.
3. Tom and Peter look exactly like each other.
Tom and Peter are __________ ____________ in appearance.
4. Most of the people in the company don’t agree with her business plan.
Most of people in the company __________ ____________ her business plan.
5. He said clearly that he will not give in.
He ___________ ____________ clear that he will not give in.

Ⅱ.完形填空 阅读文章,掌握大意,按所给的首字母填出所缺的单词。
Reproductive cloning is intended to produce a c____①_____ of an existing a_____②_____ or a plant. Reproductive cloning of animal is a_______③_______ for technology and farming as well as for cloning e_____④_______ animals. Bur reproductive cloning of human beings is specifically f_____⑤______ by law in most c_____⑥______. Therapeutic cloning is to produce a health copy of a s______⑦______ person’s tissue or organ for transplant in order to save the lives of those who would d_____⑧______ without it. This t_____⑨_______ would be many times better than r_____⑩_______ on organ transplants form other people. The tissue or organ would have the sick person’s original DNA

Ⅲ. 翻译
1. 想到她孤零零地呆在那所大房子里我便坐立不安。
_______________________ to think of her alone in that big house.
2. 你下了这么大工夫,考试绝对没问题。
You’ve done so much work ---- you __________________ pass the exam.
3. 考试的准备工作正在进行。
Preparation for the test is _________________________.
4. 农场新鲜的空气治好了她的头痛。
The fresh air on the farm ______________ him ___________ his headache.
5. 他据理力争支持罢工。
He argued _________________ the strike.

1. gave an order  2.  cast down   3.  identical in   4. object to   5 . made it
copy     animal    allowed   endangered    forbidden     countries   sick
die     technique   relying
Ⅲ. 翻译
1. It bothers me to   2. are bound to      3. under way    4. cured; of    5. in favor of

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